The State of Pain

The State of Pain For every true discomfort that we medicate, we risk creating more. With similar stories, they claim immeasurable pain alleviated by only their concoction of choice; desperate they have become. Without sight of the perils both immediate and distant, they ask for more and we oblige. Kyle T. Amber  Read More

Life’s Cadenza

Life’s Cadenza My sense of finality has but suddenly changed As your eyes, they went from yellow to grey The meaning of death of which I formerly knew Became a philosophical struggle which I must now fight through For a mind like mine that thinks in black and white Mortality is a struggle, I can’t fathom, not quite For grammatical rules seem not to explain The truth... Read More


psychoanalysis   thoughts i burrow six feet under come out of their crypts in freudian slips By Myra Aquino  Read More

Patient Teachers

Patient Teachers They waited Silently, without complaint, standing in crowded halls, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, straining to hear their names, waiting for us, their students. Waiting to teach us collaboration. to meet our needs, their needs. For us, to learn about care and caring. For them, to be cared for, cared about. Our patients. Grateful to us for giving care and caring... Read More

Shot Through with Sadness, Watercolor

Artist: James Johnson Shot Through with Sadness, Watercolor Everyone in medical school at one point has a crisis of doubt. We wonder if we made the wrong choice of specialty, chose the right school, or made the right ethical choice in a no-win situation. The pain can be acute, piercing, and heavy. From this featured creature, tears and self-doubt pour from in every direction as... Read More

Morning Rounds

Morning Rounds “Good morning,” I said. “Come closer,” she asked. I usually did not, could not, standing in the doorway. “Do you need anything?”, I asked. “Come closer,” she said. I am close, I thought. The room was small, filled by her bed. I moved closer, foreseeing her death, which I could not prevent. “I like it when you are close”. I moved even closer, reaching... Read More


THE LISTENING ART They asked the right questions, As they had been taught. Her body examined Omissions were naught. “Left side facing down, Chest over the side, A deep breath, breathe out” No strange sounds to hide. “Well, what did you hear?” I asked them in turn. “A rumble, a snap” and rales to discern. “What else did you hear?” I asked them... Read More

Fan Ye Fan

Fan Ye Fan By Alexander Kaplan   the child born in the East discovered by a lone wise man he brings not gold nor frankincense nor myrrh for gold softens, frankincense and myrrh combust what he offers is too vast to bring   manchurian girl, born of horse and grass finds herself strapped to a strange man’s chest expressing a jumbled language through olive eyes Extraordinary   the... Read More


Author: Benjamin Lemelman  Read More

A Tribute to Two Patients

Author: Arielle Hopwood Prior to receiving the Robert C. Knapp Medical Student Award, I was certain that I was interested in specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, but I knew very little about the field of gynecology oncology and even less about ovarian cancer. These last four weeks have impelled me to gain a sobering maturity that I, a fledgling twenty-two year old and a rising... Read More

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