The State of Pain

The State of Pain For every true discomfort that we medicate, we risk creating more. With similar stories, they claim immeasurable pain alleviated by only their concoction of choice; desperate they have become. Without sight of the perils both immediate and distant, they ask for more and we oblige. Kyle T. Amber  Read More

New Year’s Emergencies

Photographer: Matthew Ciminero New Year’s Emergencies Being a country that thrives on tourism, Panama offers the incentive of free health insurance for the first 30 days of a visitor’s stay. It is quite simple to acquire. However, unless previously informed of this option, most people would not think to seek it out upon entry at the Tocumen airport in Panama City.... Read More

Shot Through with Sadness, Watercolor

Artist: James Johnson Shot Through with Sadness, Watercolor Everyone in medical school at one point has a crisis of doubt. We wonder if we made the wrong choice of specialty, chose the right school, or made the right ethical choice in a no-win situation. The pain can be acute, piercing, and heavy. From this featured creature, tears and self-doubt pour from in every direction as... Read More


Artist: James Johnson  Grit (Watercolor, 2013) This piece features a silhouetted figure in the center, a worker marching toward dark and ominous buildings, beleaguered but resolute.  His gaze lights the way in front of him, with uncertainty all around.  This is how we feel sometimes in our clinical years, when the hidden curriculum rears its head and tears at us.  We must walk... Read More

Tree of Knowledge, Indian Banyan

Artist: Jennifer Schwenk  Tree of Knowledge, Indian Banyan (Acrylic on Canvas, 2009) The banyan tree (India) is beautiful and unique in the way that it has so many different roots and trunks intermingling. The strength and beauty that is gained by adding new roots is reminiscent of the way that we grow as medical practitioners over time. Adding new layers of knowledge and gaining... Read More

petrichor under a bridge

Photographer: Rammy Assaf petrichor under a bridge I always enjoy asking others what the art of medicine means to them. Personally, I’m finding it means to communicate, intelligently yet always from the heart. To recognize my own vulnerabilities, in a space where being wrong is traditionally unacceptable. To place the well being of strangers first, in a transformation that... Read More

Retinal Complexity

Photographer: Kyle Amber Retinal Complexity The ability of the human eye to appreciate complex colors, depth perception and lighting is both powerful but often underutilized. I sought to create a visual experience for the viewer that fully optimized this potential. This photograph was taken through a small flower vase with contoured sides. The vase was faced towards the ocean on... Read More


Photographer: Patrick Azcarate With Gross Anatomy over, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share these photos with everyone. Last year, I took a photography course and was assigned to complete an Autobiographical project. I had just found out I had been accepted into Miller’s M.D. program and wanted to highlight that part of my life in this series, mainly my first... Read More

Velocity of Movement

Artists and Authors: Kiran Sethi and Vince Venincasa Kiran Sethi and Vincent Venincasa (2012, acrylic on canvas) We hoped to capture the atmosphere of the medical profession, highlighting the fast-paced, high volume information system that we use to treat patients. While each individual stroke may seem trivial, when combined they form the full picture – that of a complex, but... Read More


Artist and Author: Tyler Beals   Migraine, Tyler Beals One day in elementary school, I matter-of-factly told my teacher that I couldn’t see her head.  On other occasions I reported that my hand, when held in front of my face, appeared to be on the other side of the room.   I later learned that these depth-perception distortions are called “Alice in Wonderland syndrome”... Read More

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