Morning Rounds

Morning Rounds “Good morning,” I said. “Come closer,” she asked. I usually did not, could not, standing in the doorway. “Do you need anything?”, I asked. “Come closer,” she said. I am close, I thought. The room was small, filled by her bed. I moved closer, foreseeing her death, which I could not prevent. “I like it when you are close”. I moved even closer, reaching... Read More

Experiences in the Dominican Republic

Author: Sarah M. Selem My night is restless: unwelcome guests crawling, roosters and donkeys serenading, dogs brawling. In my sleeping bag, I visualize hundreds of campesinos (rural farmers) and their families jostling, pushing each other, struggling to reach the clinic’s gate. Their impatience astonishes me, but how can I blame their edginess? Their miles-long walk on the... Read More

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