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Cephalanthus, Richard G. TiberiusCephalanthus, Richard G. Tiberius, PhD

The humanities are a conduit for self-reflection. They provide an opportunity to better understand the complexities of health, medicine, and medical practice through a perspective other than that in basic science. In concordance with science, disciplines in the humanities such as literature, history, philosophy, ethics, religion, music, and visual arts, should be drawn upon to present and discuss pertinent health and medical issues.

Health care providers can learn and grow from the experiences and thoughts of one another. In learning about each others’ ideas, providers can relate them to their own lives and deepen their understanding of the medical issues presented.

To this end, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine invites physicians, nurses, nurse-practitioners, physician-assistants, psychologists, scientists, professional students, and all other health-care providers to enter into dialogue by sharing experiences and thoughts about any topic as it pertains to health, medicine, and medical practice. The media chosen to present such ideas can range from music, visual arts, and writing. We hope that all may benefit from reflecting on the works presented.


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